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ZARGES aluminum cases are a critical element of government logistics. The shipping and transport cases as well as the 19″ rackmount cases have been successfully deployed in many applications including: land and air vehicles, mobile hospitals, emergency response units, hazardous material transport, and ground communications. Programs that have strict SWaP (Space, Weight and Power) budgets benefit from the lighter weight of aluminum and the greater usable space when compared to plastic cases.

ZARGES cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL specs including MIL-STD-285 and MIL-STD 810. Our aluminum cases have been successful for ammunitions and firearms packaging, satellite protection, and in-theatre communication systems. ZARGES cases are also essential in the transport and security of equipment for police, emergency medical services and firefighters. UN Certification for hazmat transport and storage is also available.

Mitraset®19″ rackmount cases

Mitraset®19″ rackmount cases are the number one choice for transporting highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whether for military, aerospace or industrial applications, Mitraset®19″ rackmount cases provide protection against moisture, shocks, impacts, vibrations and electromagnetic interference.

With its Mitraset®RRF (Removable Rack Frame) and Mitraset®Racklite products, ZARGES has genuine innovations to make handling even faster and simpler. Discover the multitude of applications and solutions provided by the Mitraset®19″ rackmount cases.

Mitraset Classic – Vibration Damping

Unwanted mechanical vibrations often occur during transport and other situations. These may have a negative effect on the functioning of electronic components and thus represent an increased safety risk.

Mitraset®rackmount cases offer a solution to vibration problems in military, aerospace as well as in industry applications. They are tested to MIL-STD-810.

For special requirements, a modified Mitraset®rackmount case has been developed and undergone successful testing in accordance with the strict MIL-STD-810 F specifications.

The following diagrams show the test specifications according to FIGURE 514.5C-3.: Composite wheeled vehicle vibration exposure.

ZARGES also develops customised solutions according to your specifications.

Mitraset®Classic – tests and certificates

Mitraset®19″ rackmount cases have proven themselves in a multitude of tests and military deployments. For the Mitraset®Classic, ZARGES has obtained approval according to the new VG 95 447 German military standard. VG 95 447 sets down tests from the AECTP 400 NATO standard. The withdrawn VG 95 446 set down tests from the US MIL-STD-810 standard.

These are important standards for military tests:

Shock test Test 516.3 in accordance with MIL-STD-810D-17 D-5. The shock test with recording of the damping values is to be carried out in six main directions, each with 3 half-sine shocks at an acceleration a = 40 g and a pulse time t = 7 ms.
Strength of carrying handles The test specimen is suspended in the normal position and loaded in such a way that there is a force of 375 N acting on each carrying handle. The test sample is then suspended by each handle separately and a load of 750 N applied.

Duration of test: 5 minutes according to VG 95 446.

High temperature test Test 501.2 in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D-3, method I A2. 24 hours, 71 °C.
Low temperature test Test 502.2 in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D-4, method I C2. 24 hours, –51° C.
Temperature change test Test 503.2 in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D-5. Method I to III, 3 × 4 h each time at 71 °C and – 50 °C.
Damp heat test. Test 507.2 in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D-8, method III.
Vibration load 1.
Test 514.3 in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D-15, figures 514.3-7, 514.3-8 and 514.3-9, depending on the vibration axis, each 10 min. per axis.

2. Determination of resonance during random vibration according to paragraph 1.

3. Random vibration according to figure 514.3-36 in the three main axes, each one hour per axis.

Paragraphs 1 to 3 to be carried out completely in one axis.

Salt spray test According to MIL-STD 810 F method 509.4, 96 hours duration
Mildew formation Resistance to mildew according to MIL-STD 810 F method 508.5, 28 days duration
Leak tightness Test according to MIL-STD 810 G method 506.5 Rain – Procedure I – Rain and Blowing Rain. Wind speed 28 m/s, at least 90 minutes per side. Leak tightness according to IP 65 and DIN EN 60529. Dust and water-jet protection.
Electromagnetic shielding Shielding efficiency test in accordance with MIL-STD-285.
Testing according to specification of hazardous goods directive Approval for the transport of hazardous goods, packaging group II in accordance with ADR / RID / IATA-DGR and IMBG Code.

Mitraset®Classic RRF (Removable Rack Frame)

On the new Mitraset®Classic RRF (Removable Rack Frame), the 19″ anti-vibration frame can be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools, even with 19″ devices already installed.

When the anti-vibration frame has been removed, work on installed devices and cabling can then be performed quickly and easily due to the equipment being accessible from all sides. Rackmount cases with removable anti-vibration frames are used for prototypes and cases in which components need frequent removal and replacement.

A special surface coating ensures easy sliding of the anti-vibration frame. The rackmount case is equipped with a bonding (earthing) system as standard. The compact design means that the entire nominal height of the Mitraset®Classic RRF is available as installation space.

Unlike similar products on the market, no rack unit space in ZARGES Mitraset®rackmount case gets wasted through a locking system, and the outside dimensions remain unchanged.

Mitraset®RRF have successfully undergone shock and vibration testing to MIL-STD 810 F, method 514.5.

The Mitraset®RRF with removable anti-vibration frames facilitates integration by allowing unlimited access to the 19″ slide-in modules.

Cables and plugs are easy to install. After completing installation, the entire anti-vibration frame is slid into the outer case and locked in place. Within just a few seconds, the rackmount case is ready for dispatch.

The Mitraset®RRF is available only in the Mitraset®Classic version.

RF screening

Mitraset®19“ rackmount cases made of aluminium have significantly improved RF screening properties compared with plastic cases. When required, these properties can be further improved through special measures.

On cases with closed lids:
  • By using a special lid seal.
  • Opening through RF honeycomb filter, IP 54 shielding. Installed primarily in the lid.
On cases with open lids:
  • By fitting aluminium infill panels on 4 sides of the standard inner frame. Optionally perforated for better air circulation. In addition, the front and back of the frames are fitted with an RFI gasket.
  • By fitting a flexible skirt seal made from conductive material between the outer case and the anti-vibration frame.

Wire rope shock absorbers

For particularly high loads or to absorb vibration, the 19″ frame featured on this variant is suspended on wire rope shock absorbers at an angle of 45°. The external dimensions have been increased correspondingly due to the increased size of the frame. This special version is available only for Mitraset® Classic.

ZARGES Mitraset wire rope shock absorbers

Applications Special / Custom Solutions

ZARGES provides you with the rackmount cases and solutions for a range of uses, e.g. in planes, in vehicles or for special deployments. These range from transport systems and rackmount cases with dampers through to dust and water protected as well as reinforced products for extreme conditions

The Mitraset® 19″ rackmount cases offer a multitude of customized special solutions in addition to a large range of standard accessories. A small selection can be found here.

Heat Management

Mitraset® 19″ rackmount cases offer the appropriate solution according to the application, the type of electronic equipment operated, ambient temperatures and the resulting air-conditioning requirements.

Heat dissipation in watts under various operating conditions

Inner height Nominal depth, in. (1) Single case, free-standing watts (2) Rear wall, attached watts (3) Case in the middle of the stack watts
4 rack units 8.54 82 66 56
13.65 97 81 63
18.72 112 97 71
23.79 128 112 79
5 rack units 8.54 91 73 65
13.65 108 90 74
18.72 124 106 83
23.79 141 123 92
6 rack units 8.54 101 80 75
13.65 119 98 85
18.72 137 116 95
23.79 155 134 106
7 rack units 8.54 110 87 85
13.65 130 106 96
18.72 149 125 108
23.79 168 145 119
8 rack units 8.54 120 94 94
13.65 141 114 107
18.72 161 135 120
23.79 182 155 133
9 rack units 8.54 130 101 104
13.65 151 123 118
18.72 173 144 132
23.79 195 166 146
10 rack units 8.54 139 108 113
13.65 162 131 129
18.72 185 154 144
23.79 209 177 160
11 rack units 8.54 149 115 123
13.65 173 139 140
18.72 198 164 156
23.79 222 188 173
12 rack units 8.54 158 122 133
13.65 184 147 151
18.72 210 173 169
610 236 199 187
14 rack units 610 263 220 214
16 rack units 610 290 242 241

The guide figures in the table have been calculated for Δ T 20 °C, figures in watts.  (All values apply to closed rackmount cases.)

ZARGES Mitraset heat dissipation 1
ZARGES Mitraset heat dissipation 2
ZARGES Mitraset heat dissipation 3


The guide figures calculated in the table may be influenced by various factors, e. g.:

  • Paint type and color
  • Internal air circulation
  • Location and position of the rackmount case
  • Influence due to adjacent rackmount cases
  • Weather and climatic conditions
  • Mitraset® 19″ rackmount cases – customized solutions with air-conditioning

19″ rackmount case applications increasingly require air-conditioning. ZARGES is therefore able to provide adaptable special rackmount cases for air-conditioning. Cutouts for plugs, ventilation plates and the ZARGES heat exchanger lid complete the offer.

Heat exchanger lid

The ZARGES heat exchanger lid ensures protection class IP 65 by means of 2 separate air circuits. Robust fans ensure that air is constantly circulated. Heat transfer between the two circuits takes place in a specially designed heat exchanger in the interior of the lid.

Heat dissipation depends on temperature conditions and on the location and position of the rackmount case. These solutions can be built by ZARGES according to customer specifications.

Customer Examples of Cooling Systems

Air-conditioning units are combined with Mitraset® only according to requirements. Transport takes place in in-house vibration-tested transport containers with customized foam inserts.

ZARGES Mitraset Custom Cooling solutions
ZARGES MITRASET custom cooling solutions
ZARGES Mitraset Custom Cooling solutions
ZARGES Mitraset Custom Cooling solutions

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