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ZARGES operates the Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina to provide direct support and custom capabilities for its USA customers. The Center offers in-stock aluminum cases, custom CNC foam insert fabrication, component installation, custom painting and graphics and other customizations. The Charlotte facility maintains dozens of product offerings that are available off the shelf, with many options ranging from casters to foam. Our engineering team is available to provide custom solutions and fabrication for your complex needs.

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“We take several extended back-country trips each year with at least five vehicles in the group. The equipment we carry needs to survive both the rough ride and hard use. For us, keeping our kitchen gear protected, organized and dust- and moisture-free is a must and the ZARGES boxes have done just that.”

Dave Kupfer / Outdoor Adventure

Why Aluminum?

An aluminum case offers many advantages over typical composite case construction. It can weather extreme temperatures, resist impact without cracking, and will not rust or corrode over time. Aluminum is hygienic and easy to clean, fully recyclable, and a good conductor of heat and electricity. It’s lightweight, easy to form and customize, and offers more interior capacity per pound than composites.

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For 85 years and counting, we have offered superior aluminum cases, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to provide stock and custom solutions. ZARGES delivers unparalleled protective aluminum cases for transit (shipping / storage) and 19″ rackmount. Today, advanced designs and robotics yield fast, cost-effective manufacturing. Whether it is off the shelf or a custom configuration, our packaging engineers will design the optimum protection solution.

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